The Bond Of An Elephant Mother & Baby

Elephants are such loving, feeling, caring sentient beings. They have very similar, if not exactly the same, emotions that humans do. So when this baby got stuck in a mud hole in Kenya, and mom couldn’t get her out, rangers and Wildlife Services had to step in and give many helping hands.   The reunion… read more

True Friends Never Forget

This is such a beautiful story of Tarra the elephant and Bella the dog. It’s a reminder that everyone can love, show compassion, mourn…no matter what your species, gender, race, age, anything! Animals are sentient beings. I don’t understand how anyone can ever doubt that for a second. Get the tissue ready…

SeaWorld to End Breeding of Orcas & Shows…FINALLY!

This is such great news!!! Finally all of the pressure on the animal abuse at SeaWorld has gotten through to them. I applaud the rescue world they do and hopefully intend to do in the future. I just pray that they don’t try to use the animals in a different way to make money through… read more

World Wildlife Day 2016

In honor of World Wildlife Day, I wanted to introduce you to an avid animal activist, creative conservationist, a National Geographic Explorer and an amazingly talented artist, Asher Jay. She put this video together for people to share and better understand the terrors of what is happening to the elephants on a daily basis. Every… read more

Tennis “Ball Dogs?”

This is brilliant! I commend and support this 100%. Recently, four shelter dogs who were rescued from the slums and in abandoned lots around Sao Paulo were trained as “ball dogs” for an exhibition match at the Brazil Open tournament. This is so cute and a beautiful story. I would love to see the follow-up… read more

What Is GLUTEN Anyway & Why Does It Hurt Me?

by Shannon Elizabeth You hear about it everywhere these days. Things are always popping up as “gluten-free.” You hear it so much it just sounds like a weird marketing ploy at this point. But why now? Why has this weird “fad” taken off AND why is it lasting so darn long? Well, maybe because it’s… read more

Animals Who Think They’re Human

Okay, who doesn’t love watching their pets imitate them? It shows how smart our 4-legged friends can be. Sometimes it’s just by a strange twist of fate that we realize they like to do what we do. Or maybe we push it on them. But the bottom line for me is, I love seeing a… read more

Ever Seen A Dinosaur Climb?

Well, it’s not exactly a dinosaur. It’s actually a pangolin. Most people in the US have never even heard of a pangolin, much less seen one. But they are actually the MOST TRAFFICKED MAMMAL in the world! They look kinda like a scaled anteater and walk like a dinosaur. They have extremely sensitive immune systems… read more