I want to share a story and press release that I was just made aware of regarding a situation here in Cape Town. There have been many fires raging and the animals quite often fall victim to these horrific acts of arson. Please read the story of Phoenix and let me & the city of… read more

A Dog and Cat Courtship!

Poppy (the cat) was always fascinated with Peanut (the dog) from the start. But what happens when Peanut finally warms up and wants to start playing with Poppy? Let’s find out…

Little girl lets the cow in and guess what happens next!

This is a such a cute video and a great reminded that even cows have the capacity to feel and love. People are so detached from what they eat these days. Mindful eating is something we should all be practicing. But in the meantime, enjoy a very sweet video.   The end is the cutest!

RIP Ringo

I had the honor of meeting Ringo on my last trip to Kenya. He sadly passed away last night, July 19th, 2016, after being sick for a couple of weeks. I’m told he had a bone condition that was causing all of his bones to become infected and fracture. I am heartbroken and wanted to… read more

Back To Africa

Hey everyone! I put together this video of some of the footage from my last trip to Africa. I wanted to share a little of the beauty, as well as the trauma. I have just launched another fundraising campaign before my next trip back.¬†Click here to see the FULL CAMPAIGN.   One of the things… read more

Shannon Needs You!

By Shannon Elizabeth…. February 10th, 2016 – Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa It has been a rough start to 2016 already for the team at Pilanesberg National Park and everyone who cares for the animals there. They have already had 3 poached dead rhinos and 3 wounded by attempted poachings. One of the wounded was… read more

Baby Elephants Playing

This was just too cute not to share. You can see what beautiful, loving spirits these animals possess – ¬†and as much joy as you can see right now is equal to how much pain they are capable of too. They mourn the loss of loved ones and become afraid when danger is near. Elephants… read more

Nail Biting With Sir Richard Branson

By now you’ve probably heard that rhinos are getting poached for their horns. But did you know that a rhino’s horn is made of keratin, just like our fingernails? Sir Richard Branson is demonstrating what it would be like to consume rhino horn in any type of product, yet free and painlessly. The rhino horn… read more