Rhino Poaching Count For 2015 Just In…

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), 2015 saw a record breaking number of rhinos poached throughout Africa. The total count is recorded at a minimum of 1,338. There are so many poachings that never get discovered or recorded though. That’s why I say minimum.   South Africa is claiming a… read more

Penguin Meets His Unlikely Soul Mate

Generally, in the wild and especially in conservation, we teach people not to touch the animals. But this case seems different. When you’re rescuing the animal and literally saving their life, it’s so beautiful when the animals knows and wants to come back and visit you on his own accord. This man did the right… read more

Abandoned In A Box-Saved By Love

Meet Gito. He¬†was less than five months old when the rescue team with International Animal Rescue in Borneo found him in 2015. He had been dumped in a filthy cardboard box and left out in the sun to die. They weren’t sure he would make it. But a lot of medical care and love proved… read more

Wise Beyond His Years!

Okay – so this kid was told he was going to the broccoli farm as a cover. He was so excited about the farm. But then when the door opens his attitude changes when he hears about the surprise. This little boy may not know it yet, but he’s a vegan, animal activist in the… read more

Nail Biting With Sir Richard Branson

By now you’ve probably heard that rhinos are getting poached for their horns. But did you know that a rhino’s horn is made of keratin, just like our fingernails? Sir Richard Branson is demonstrating what it would be like to consume rhino horn in any type of product, yet free and painlessly. The rhino horn… read more

Animals Who Think They’re Human

Okay, who doesn’t love watching their pets imitate them? It shows how smart our 4-legged friends can be. Sometimes it’s just by a strange twist of fate that we realize they like to do what we do. Or maybe we push it on them. But the bottom line for me is, I love seeing a… read more

Ever Seen A Dinosaur Climb?

Well, it’s not exactly a dinosaur. It’s actually a pangolin. Most people in the US have never even heard of a pangolin, much less seen one. But they are actually the MOST TRAFFICKED MAMMAL in the world! They look kinda like a scaled anteater and walk like a dinosaur. They have extremely sensitive immune systems… read more

World Wildlife Day 2016

In honor of World Wildlife Day, I wanted to introduce you to an avid animal activist, creative conservationist, a National Geographic Explorer and an amazingly talented artist, Asher Jay. She put this video together for people to share and better understand the terrors of what is happening to the elephants on a daily basis. Every… read more