True Friends Never Forget

This is such a beautiful story of Tarra the elephant and Bella the dog. It’s a reminder that everyone can love, show compassion, mourn…no matter what your species, gender, race, age, anything! Animals are sentient beings. I don’t understand how anyone can ever doubt that for a second. Get the tissue ready…

A Short Documentary on Borneo, Palm Oil & the Orangutans

This is a great little 20 minute documentary outlining what’s happening in Borneo right now. It explains a bit about the palm oil industry, illegal logging, what’s happening to the orangutans there and why. These poor animals don’t stand a chance against human greed without our help to stop what’s happening to them. And the… read more

“Defective” Puppy Thrives

This is such a sweet story of life, love and survival. And this should also show you why nobody should ever buy from a breeder. If you want a dog, ALWAYS RESCUE!!! I don’t care how specific of a dog you think you want. If you take the time to look, you’ll find your soul… read more

Back To Africa

Hey everyone! I put together this video of some of the footage from my last trip to Africa. I wanted to share a little of the beauty, as well as the trauma. I have just launched another fundraising campaign before my next trip back.¬†Click here to see the FULL CAMPAIGN.   One of the things… read more

SeaWorld to End Breeding of Orcas & Shows…FINALLY!

This is such great news!!! Finally all of the pressure on the animal abuse at SeaWorld has gotten through to them. I applaud the rescue world they do and hopefully intend to do in the future. I just pray that they don’t try to use the animals in a different way to make money through… read more

Tennis “Ball Dogs?”

This is brilliant! I commend and support this 100%. Recently, four shelter dogs who were rescued from the slums and in abandoned lots around Sao Paulo were trained as “ball dogs” for an exhibition match at the Brazil Open tournament. This is so cute and a beautiful story. I would love to see the follow-up… read more

THANK YOU Kannemeyer Primary School, South Africa

There’s absolutely no question that kids are our future. Raising the next generations to love and respect animals in a way that just isn’t being done yet is critical to their survival. So when I received this on Instagram I was so extremely honored and overjoyed!   There is so much violence against animals everywhere,… read more

Ostrich Run in Cape Town

Cape Town is a city full of outdoors enthusiasts. But how often do you think they have the honor of cycling with the local wildlife? This suddenly makes me want to take up cycling!