Rhino Poaching Count For 2015 Just In…

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According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), 2015 saw a record breaking number of rhinos poached throughout Africa. The total count is recorded at a minimum of 1,338. There are so many poachings that never get discovered or recorded though. That’s why I say minimum.


South Africa is claiming a smaller number than in 2014, but again, the entire story is not being told. Everyone there knows that there are many deaths that don’t go into the record books. The final count for South Africa alone was 1,175. The number from 2014 was 1,215.


Intense anti-poaching efforts in one area seems to just be pushing the poachers into other areas. It appears the only real solution is going to be to stop the demand. As soon as the consumers in the East (primarily China & Vietnam) stop buying anything with rhino horn, the prices will plummet and the killing will stop. What’s extremely confusing is that for a country that boasts their level of intelligence, believing that rhino horn will do absolutely ANYTHING to you is the least intelligent thing I can imagine.


We’re all connected in this world and ecosystem. If the rhinos go extinct there will be a butterfly effect that touches everyone on this planet, including the East. So let’s hope they wake up soon, realize what they’re doing and discover their compassion and heart.

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