Damien Mander – TedxSydney

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There are so many great quotes in this I really want each and every one of you to watch it. Damien is living proof that change is possible & you can be a big, strong, masculine man and choose not to kill an animal each & every day. His words are inspiring & his actions reflect them every day he takes a breath.


Some of my favorite quotes, lines & phrases that stand out to me are the following:

Does a cow value its life more than I enjoy a bbq?

Over-consumptive meat eater.

The ability to suffer pain or loneliness, and to fear.

Truth inconveniences our habits.

How many animals’ lives is one human’s life worth?

A meat-eater in this room will consume, on average, 8 thousand animals in their lifetime.

The illegal traffic in wildlife now ranks as one of the largest criminal industries in the world – it’s up there with guns, drugs and human trafficking.

Experimentation on animals–if animals are so like us that we can substitute using them instead of humans – then surely, they have the very same attributes than mean they deserve to be protected from harm. 

Suffering is suffering, & murder is murder.

The more helpless the victim, the more horrific the crime.

Of the 5 million species on that planet, only one has the power to determine what level of suffering is acceptable for all other sentient beings to endure. Whether it’s eating less meat, contributing to the fight against poaching or speaking up for the voiceless, we all have choices.

Small changes in our lives mean big changes in others’.

Will you be brave enough to make a difference for animals?

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