THANK YOU Kannemeyer Primary School, South Africa

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There’s absolutely no question that kids are our future. Raising the next generations to love and respect animals in a way that just isn’t being done yet is critical to their survival.

So when I received this on Instagram I was so extremely honored and overjoyed!

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There is so much violence against animals everywhere, even still today. So to know these students are learning the value of animals and life is truly beautiful, and crucial.

I am so proud of Kannemeyer Primary School and really hope I get to go visit them all next time I’m in South Africa. These precious souls may just be the ones who save our planet. I want to honor them for the work they’re doing and the awareness they have of what’s going on around them.


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Thank you to all of the animal warriors on this planet. We need each and every one of you more than you know. You are now officially animal AVENGERS with me!!

Love to you all….xoxo Shannon

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