A Short Documentary on Borneo, Palm Oil & the Orangutans

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This is a great little 20 minute documentary outlining what’s happening in Borneo right now. It explains a bit about the palm oil industry, illegal logging, what’s happening to the orangutans there and why. These poor animals don’t stand a chance against human greed without our help to stop what’s happening to them. And the disgusting torture humans are putting them through is beyond words. The lure of money has destroyed the regard most of the locals have for the jungle.


Please take 20 minutes to watch this very eye-opening video and make it a point to start reading labels and understanding what palm oil, vegetable oil and any other names it goes by actually is. To learn more about Orangutan Outreach or Lone Dröscher Nielsen who’s featured in this program, please go to her website. This is an issue that will NOT go away without each and every one of us demanding a change is made-NOW!


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